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Peter Zimmerman

About Us

The Caledonia Denture Clinic is run by Denturist Peter Zimmerman. Peter is a lifelong resident of nearby Binbrook, where he lives with his wife. He has worked in the dental industry for over 10 years, and has strong family ties to the profession. Both his father Fred, and brother Kyle, currently practice at Zimmerman Denture Clinic in Hamilton, where Peter is also on staff. Denturism has been an enduring career choice for the family, as Peter's grandfather was in the industry for over 30 years.

Peter graduated from the denturism program at George Brown College in Toronto in 2003. Since that time he has worked at several dental practices alongside dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists, orthodontists, and dental technicians. Through this, he has gained valuable experience that serves him well at his practice in Caledonia.

Throughout treatment, Peter's relaxed and approachable personality helps patients to feel comfortable and at ease. On a case by case basis, it is his intent to find the most practical treatment option to suit the needs of each person's unique situation. Patients at the Caledonia Denture Clinic can expect to be very involved in the process of creating their new smile, as Peter believes that combining his knowledge and expertise with an individual’s input and preferences will provide the best results.


We refer many patients to Peter Zimmerman for their denture needs knowing that they will be extremely happy with their service and with how Peter and his staff accommadate each patient’s wants and needs. ALL patients have come back with wonderful comments on how professional Peter is and how they are 100% satisfied with their beautiful smile."

Dr. Farah Rassam
Jarvis Family Dental Office - www.jarvisdental.com

Mr. Peter Zimmerman and the staff at C.D.C. really took the time to set a nervous, first time patient at complete ease. With a gentle and kind manner he explained every step of the process, and made sure I understood my options. Getting a full set of upper and lower dentures at C.D.C. was a very positive step, and Mr. Zimmerman always made sure they were fitting properly. I can now enjoy all the foods I love, and smile with confidence. My thanks to Mr. Zimmerman, and the staff at C.D.C.

Patient, 34 years old

About Us

Letter written to the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce:
The time had come. My natural teeth were breaking with alarming regularity & despite the valiant efforts of Dr. Rick Fox, Ziggy and more recently, Dr. Carolyn Lolli, there was just no more fix.

Off I went to the big city specialist whose plan involved two more specialists and very complex treatments that would have parted me from many thousands of my hard earned dollars. As I wasn’t planning to become a movie star in this lifetime that is the end of that story.

Dr. Lolli then introduced me to Peter Zimmerman of the Caledonia Denture Clinic. As soon as we met, a comfortable first name rapport was established.

He immediately solved my very real fear of being unable to tolerate a denture due to a severe gag reflex by skillfully crafting a “practise palate” while I still had my own teeth. The fee was nominal and of course (I never doubted) it worked.

Several easy, convenient appointments later my new teeth were ready for insertion on extraction day. To adapt to surgery swelling going down, Peter was there for complete follow up and adjustments in the first week, with fine tuning to come as the gums continued to recede.
In approximately three months from the first visit I had well fitted functional natural looking teeth, even to matching gum colour perfectly. My smile looks as it did 40 years ago.

Peter’s title is DD Denture Specialist. In my eyes he is pretty special himself, always very professional but he made me feel special too. All this & more and the big plus, the convenience of this wonderful service right in Caledonia.

A very grateful and happy patient,
Sandra Woods


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