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Caledonia Denture Clinic
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Welcome to the Caledonia Denture Clinic

Established in 2005, the Caledonia Denture Clinic is quickly embedding itself into the fabric of beautiful downtown Caledonia. Small towns are known for their charming, neighbourly atmosphere, and Caledonia is no different. This feeling is reflected here at the local denture clinic. We have enjoyed hearing tales of "the good old days" from many of our valued patients. Our aim is to offer a friendly treatment experience rather than just a series of appointments. We pride ourselves on both the quality and value of the service we provide.

Free Consultations  • No Referral Necessary

Awards and Memberships:
Denturist Association of Ontario Grand Erie Caledonia Regional
Denturist Association of Caledonia Readers Choice  
Hours Of Operation:
Monday: 9-5, Tuesday: 9-5, Wednesday: 9-5, Thursday: 9-5, Friday: Closed

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35 Caithness Street East, Caledonia, Ontario, N3W 1B7, Phone: 905.765.0033, Fax: 905.765.0073, Email: info@caledoniadentureclinic.com

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